Am I Not Big Enough? – Song

I wrote this song two years ago during one of the darkest seasons of my life. Focusing on the power, bigness and limitlessness of my God was the most strengthening thing I could have done. He is so much bigger than anything you are facing. He is so much bigger than #covid19. Take courage and haveRead moreRead more

Our Winter Song

It’s so easy to focus on the negative things when we go through a “winter” season in life. We mourn the loss of the summer days where the air was warm, the leaves were green, and the flowers were still in bloom. We fix our attention on what we don’t have anymore or what weRead moreRead more

My Baked Potato Chip Recipe Fail

Usually bloggers put up their “Super Simple” and “Best Ever” recipes. I wanted to join the crowd! I wanted to wow you with my professional looking photos. You know, the ones that look like I snapped them in the middle of my cooking project but actually took several hours of staging, lighting, and planning. IRead moreRead more

How to Sign Up for a Free Amazon Prime Trial Membership

What’s not to love about Amazon Prime Membership except for the price? Well hey! Why not try it for free? –>>> Click here if you’re ready to sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime Membership! What is Amazon Prime Membership and What Are the Benefits I realize some of you may notRead moreRead more

Top 10 Things You Need On Your Baby Shower Registry

If you are reading this then a “congratulations” is in order because you or someone you love is going to be given one of the most wonderful gifts life can give us, a baby. Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting yet overwhelming experiences you can go through. From pregnancy, to birth, toRead moreRead more

Shop While Saving Money Through iBotta

Buying food and home items for your family is a necessity that we cannot avoid. Often, grocery store trips take a chunk out of our budgets. For this reason, I have searched out ways to earn money just by shopping. I’m not a serious couponer (is that even a word 🤷🏼‍♀️). I am, however, interestedRead moreRead more

How to Create a Baby Registry on Amazon

Congratulations! If you’re reading this then you or someone you know is probably expecting a bundle of joy soon! There’s a lot of things to do when expecting a baby including creating a baby registry for friends and family to purchase the items you need. I’m going to walk you through the easy process ofRead moreRead more

How to Sign Up for Acorns Investing

Acorns is one of the best financial decisions I made just starting out in investing. With just a few clicks you can be setup to automatically invest your spare change too! Signing up is easy and I’ll walk you through the process. ==>Don’t need the instructions? Click here to get started and receive $5 forRead moreRead more

How to Give Amazon Prime Membership as a Gift to a Friend

Can you give amazon prime membership as a gift? The answer is yes! I’ll show you how in these really simple steps. ===> Ready to order without instructions? Click here! How to Gift Amazon Prime Membership   Follow this link: Select whether you want to give 3 months or 12 months Click on “AddRead moreRead more

Trim Healthy Mama And What It Is All About

Most of the world wants to know how to lose weight fast, but the thing we should be diligently searching out is how to get healthy. Period. If we are healthy on the inside, it will be reflected on the outside as well. There are so many diets available in today’s culture. Many have beenRead moreRead more