How to Sign Up for a Free Amazon Prime Trial Membership

What’s not to love about Amazon Prime Membership except for the price? Well hey! Why not try it for free?

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What is Amazon Prime Membership and What Are the Benefits

I realize some of you may not know what Amazon Prime is all about. That’s okay! I’ll explain what the service is and what kind of benefits it offers.

To start, Amazon Prime is kind of like the “frequent flyer” membership for the website Or maybe a better example is prime membership transforms the website from a Wal-Mart to a Sam’s Club. It gives you perks that non-members cannot have.

The membership’s benefits keep growing more and more. Will you have to be a prime member to use Amazon in the future? Probably not. But they will definitely continue to make the membership more and more enticing until the whole world has joined.

So what are all the benefits? Currently (please note they keep adding new benefits every year so things are subject to change) these are their top benefits:

  • Free 2-day delivery. That’s right. No shipping costs and the package will be there in 2 days. Sign me up! No need to talk about the other points! πŸ˜ƒ
  • In select areas (usually metro areas) they offer 2-hour delivery on groceries. Wow. Is that even possible?
  • You get exclusive deals at Whole Foods Market. I like that store but the closest Whole Foods for me is an hour away so not gonna be an incentive for me but maybe you go there a lot.
  • You have access to Amazon Prime movies, TV, and exclusive deals. Perfect for you video streamers. Just FYI, you still have to pay for most movies though.
  • Access to Amazon Music which has millions of songs that you can listen to, ad free.
  • “Try before you buy” clothes program. Makes it easier for you to shop for clothing online without being afraid of ordering something you don’t like in person.
  • Discounts on and exclusive access to products. Some products can only be purchased by members. I found that out the hard way trying to purchase a good deal on bathroom spray.
  • Unlimited photo storage. This is for digital storage (the cloud) not bookcases for photo album books… but there’s an idea for a business! πŸ˜€
  • Access to free games and something called Twitch. If you know what that is then you might be excited.
  • Early access to Kindle books and some access to podcasts, magazines, audiobooks and ebooks.

How Much Does It Cost and Is It Worth It?

If you use my link then you can get started for free (keep reading for the link). However, after 30 days you’ll be charged $12.99 a month. If you want to pay for a year at a time, you’ll save and only pay $119 for a year.

So is it worth it? Only you can decide that question my friend. Maybe start with these questions:

  1. How much did I pay in shipping last year? Was it more or less than $119?
  2. How many times did I not get my package in time because I didn’t want to pay for 2-day shipping?
  3. Will I use the extras? What value is the video, music, photo storage, and discounts to me?
  4. Will Prime replace any other memberships that I could cancel to offset the cost?

Guess what? You can always cancel the service so why not at least give it 30 days and see if you think it is worth it?

How to Sign Up Using My Link

So, ready to sign up? Great! Simply click on this link:

If you have other questions about Prime Membership let me know! Or if you’d like to share your experience just leave a comment below!


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  1. I am not tech savvy. I have a smart tv. Do I have to do anything to be able to see your prime movies?

    • Hi Konnie, thanks for the question! So, I don’t know what the particular steps are for your TV but the general steps is to download the Prime Video app on your TV, sign into your Amazon Prime account, and then use the app to watch videos. Hope that helps!

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