Our Winter Song

It’s so easy to focus on the negative things when we go through a “winter” season in life. We mourn the loss of the summer days where the air was warm, the leaves were green, and the flowers were still in bloom. We fix our attention on what we don’t have anymore or what we don’t have yet, instead of seeing the beauty in our present season.

Me and Hailey don’t want to be a couple that can’t enjoy a winter season. We want to be thankful when things feel stuck, grateful when our dreams seem to be on hold, and present when things appear dead. We aren’t going to be thankful one day when things change. We’re going to be thankful now. We’re going to remember the big things and the small things that God has done for us. We’re going to enjoy this season because it’s a good season with a good purpose.

It’s funny, when we choose to be thankful, the world looks different. We don’t see a cold dreary night, we see a warm cozy fire. We don’t see dead trees, we see sleeping giants waiting to awake again. We don’t focus on the lack, instead we celebrate the rest winter brings.

It was in a moment of decision to be grateful that we wrote our winter song. I’ll post it below so you can sing along: