My Baked Potato Chip Recipe Fail

Usually bloggers put up their “Super Simple” and “Best Ever” recipes. I wanted to join the crowd!

I wanted to wow you with my professional looking photos. You know, the ones that look like I snapped them in the middle of my cooking project but actually took several hours of staging, lighting, and planning.

I wanted to get that 5 star review and the coveted Pinterest pins. So, I decided to make this recipe blog post happen with something I had been wanting to make for a while: Baked Potato Chips. Wait, that sounds too easy. Let’s make it: Sea Salt and Vinegar Baked Potato Chips.

I told Hailey, of my intentions. I told her I was going to make these chips, document the experience, and post an amazing article. She lovingly said that it sounded good but I could tell she didn’t believe me. I’d have to prove my awesome recipe.

Had I ever made baked potato chips before? No.

Had I researched other recipes about making baked potato chips? No.

Was I going to try over and over to get the recipe just right? No. It was just going to be a one-try-wonder.

As I began, I was super excited. I could taste these amazing chips in my mouth already. I wrote out each step I took so that all of my readers could replicate my exact, amazing recipe.

I kept my hopes up that things would turn out great. It wasn’t until toward the end that things started going awry. But even then I kept going with only slightly subdued optimism. Then l I tasted the final product and I realized how awful things turned out.

After hours of hard work, I came up with a slightly sour, really chewy, burnt potato chip. Eat up! (Sad part was I couldn’t stop chewing on these terrible chips.)

I was so disappointed. I had given it my best and had failed. Hailey encouraged me to just try again. Something about Rome wasn’t built in a day. But I had no more drive.

I guess the moral to the story is excellence takes work. And if your passion is simply to get compliments you’ll get burned out before excellence is achieved. Wow, that’s way too deep for a chip recipe.

Anyway, I know you all are dying to see my recipe. So, even though it is a fail, I’m still going to post it! Let me know if you see where I went wrong 😜

Ethan’s Incredible Homemade Sea Salt and Vinegar Baked Potato Chips

Ridiculous Intro

“My wife doesn’t even like potato chips but she said these were the best ever! That obviously proves it’s a good recipe and I’m an amazing cook.”

  • 10 Idaho potatoes (medium sized)
  • Some white vinegar
  • Some sea salt
  • Some olive oil
  1. Wash potatoes, cut out bad stuff, and peel.
  2. Cut the potatoes in thin slices. About 1/8″ thick or so (think “Chips”).
  3. Place these chips in a large bowl and cover with vinegar to soak about 4 hours.
  4. Place the potatoes on cookie sheets. Sprinkle heavy with salt and olive oil.
  5. Place the potatoes in the oven at 430 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes.
  6. Turn on the vent fan as lots of vinegar residue will be evaporating while baking.
  7. Here’s where things get a little tricky. Half way through the cook time, take out one of the cookie sheets of potatoes and flip over some of the chips. The ones that don’t look like they need it, don’t flip them.
  8. Take out the cookie trays again about every five to six minutes and flip at random the potato chips.
  9. With just a few minutes left in the cook time, begin to panic. Pull some of the chips off prematurely just in case.
  10. After the full cook time, begin taking out the burnt looking chips and placing them somewhere to cool. Continue baking the ones that don’t look done.
  11. Begin to second guess if the last step was a smart decision. Decide to take all of the chips out to cool.
  12. Enjoy!

Let Us Know Your Thoughts!

Be sure to share this recipe with your friends! 😀 Also, let me know if you have a better baked potato chip recipe!