Trim Healthy Mama And What It Is All About

Most of the world wants to know how to lose weight fast, but the thing we should be diligently searching out is how to get healthy. Period. If we are healthy on the inside, it will be reflected on the outside as well. There are so many diets available in today’s culture. Many have been trendy. Some have been around for decades. But are any of them sustainable? The diets that claim to help you drop weight “in a flash” damage your metabolism “in a flash” and are not designed for a lifestyle of health. There are so many diets to choose from. How do we know which ones are effective yet safe for our bodies? Queue Trim Healthy Mama (THM).

What Is THM?

I first heard of and tried Trim Healthy Mama almost seven years ago. At that time, the two authors of the plan, sisters Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, had released their first book which you can find on Amazon. Since then, they have added two more recipe books, their own product line, an online membership program, a podcast they affectionately call the “Poddy” and so much more if you can believe it (I plan on writing future blog posts on some of these resources)!

Pearl and Serene share how they tried every diet from raw vegan, to calorie counting, to Atkins. They did it all. But non of it worked. They struggled with severe anemia, Graves’ disease, and adrenal fatigue. By changing what they ate and how they looked at food they overcame the health issues that had plagued them.

Coming to THM after doing weight watchers, I was ready for something fresh where I didn’t have to have a calculator with me all. The. Time. The information in the THM plan book felt fresh and new and almost rejuvenated me to want to eat healthier again.

How Does It Work?

I want to make it clear that in order to do Trim Healthy Mama the correct way, it is necessary to read the plan book. The following information is simply bits and pieces of general information from the book. You must read the book for yourself. My hopes in sharing these keys with you is to help you feel more informed.

My mom who is a brilliant woman was the first to start THM in our household. She understood the plan well and helped explain it to me. She was and still is an amazing resource for questions I have at times about the plan. I know not everyone has someone who can sit down and explain the plan step by step. So let’s break down a small portion of it so that it’s easier to digest. Think of Trim Healthy Mama as a lifestyle rather than a dieting plan. Renew they way you look at food. In Trim Healthy Mama they do not focus on the number on the scale. They focus on what your body is saying to you. Is your energy up? Are you sleeping better? Are you fighting infections better? Become aware of your body’s signals when it likes what you are eating.

THM is never about counting carbs, calories, fats, proteins etc. They are, however, about being food conscious. Serene and Pearl have found that separating fats from carbs boosts your metabolism which in turn burns unnecessary fat storage. When meal planning, ask yourself the questions “where’s my protein” and “where’s my non-starchies?” Include lots of veggies with every meal!

In Conclusion

Check out Trim Healthy Mama! It’s worth your time. Serene and Pearl don’t just talk about food. Their first book covers everything from food, to hormones, to exercise, to being a foxy mama. Dive in, discover and be free!

Happy eating!