Shop While Saving Money Through iBotta

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Buying food and home items for your family is a necessity that we cannot avoid. Often, grocery store trips take a chunk out of our budgets. For this reason, I have searched out ways to earn money just by shopping. I’m not a serious couponer (is that even a word 🤷🏼‍♀️). I am, however, interested in saving money in an easy way. I think I’ve found it!

–>> Already heard of iBotta? Get started now by clicking here!

My Discovery

Last Fall, I discovered an app called iBotta. It’s a super simple app to use. All I had to do was pick the grocery store I wanted to shop at and save the items offering discounts to my profile. After shopping, I would scan my receipt and watch my savings increase. One of the greatest features of the iBotta app is that you can pick the discounted items after you’ve already purchased them! Once you’ve shopped, open the app, pick the items you purchased and scan your receipt. So easy!

You can even earn cash back by shopping online using their online store-specific portal. Pick which online website you will be shopping from in iBotta’s list of online retailers such as Amazon, Target and many more. Their link will take you to that website and you will earn cash back for shopping from the comfort of your own home!

My Personal Savings

I’ve been pleased with my results using iBotta. Some weeks I may only get $0.75 back. Other weeks, I make close to $10. Every cent counts in my book! As your savings increase you can renew your cash through gift cards as well as withdrawing the cash you’ve earned.

How to Get Started

It doesn’t cost you anything to try it out. Actually, you can earn $$ just for signing up. Use my referral link and you could claim up to $20 in a welcome bonus! Click here and the let the saving begin 😉